Ah yes, the sweet serenades of troublesome existence and growing pains. Exploding into the mainstream high school hallways in the 2000’s, the emo genre took disc-mans by storm. But over the last decade, the emo statement has evolved into something more stylized. Hipsterized? Sterilized? Either way, Victoria’s very own emo group, Wept, remains true to all those weird fuzzy feelings. Hitting the ground running with their LP release ‘Dress Me Like I’m Yours’, Wept displays an affection towards, well, sadness. But it’s not all tears and red eyes! Wept brings in multiple listening textures that resonate with a broad range of audiences. If that’s not enough, all of these songs are brand new. So why not give them a whirl?

As many bands start out, Wept was not always weeping. In the early years they went under the name Acab Rocky, which only consisted of Sam Wells (guitar/vocals) and Oliver Hollingshead (drums). As the boys were emerging from their high school years, their sound was already set in stone. Sam explains that “we didn’t really know what was going in the music scene. We would sometimes go to shows, but were mostly sheltered from what was ‘in’. We played what we liked.” As Acab Rocky was evolving into Wept, other artistic friends were brought on. Colt Hoey (keyboard), Angus Watt (bass) came together as an announced band. When Wept emerged from Acab Rocky with the release of Dress me like I’m Yours, they brought on Dougie Bedell to play bass later that year, with Angus switching over to lead guitar.

Pulling influences from artists like Mount Eerie and Death Cab For Cutie, particularly their album Transatlanticism, Dress me like I’m Yours hits the emo nail on the head. First of all: the title is just amazing and screams complete surrender. It has the classic emo elements: poppy bright guitar riffs, galloping drum beats and soft, apologetic vocals; it is both eloquent and exciting. In our interview with the band, the young fellows told us how meticulous they were in the writing and recording process. Meticulous like, going over each instrument, vocal section, drums fill and guitar lick a hundred times. After two years of revising and a lot of polishing, Dress me Like I’m Yours finally made its debut in February of 2017.  The album is a true testament of hard work paying off, and to think that all of it, aside from the drums, were recorded at home, it is really something amazing.

Be sure to be on the lookout for a something new and tasty from Wept this upcoming year. They are hoping to record shortly, and maybe take a little different approach from the perfectionism.

But for now, keep doing what you're doing Wept!

Emily Sutherland