The Prettys

With the world spinning into political turmoil, savage environmental conditions being reported far and wide, and just the overall absurdity of everything on the internet, it’s hard to figure out what to believe anymore. How do we choose what's right? Who can we trust? How am I going to pay for my lunch? The answer to those questions my friends is simple: some good ol’ fashion rock and roll! Time to dig out the dad rock sweater and brush up on your power slide, because we’re going all in with some of Vancouver’s finest, The Pretty’s. Hair raising solos, saxophone with serious swagger, and silky beats that switch your hips on to automatic oscillate, the Pretty’s have got the right potion for your weighing emotions.

The Pretty’s consist of Cody Aadrusko (guitar), Pierce Kingan (bass) Josh Gatien (guitar) and Ian Browne (drums). Splitting the line between Molly Hatchets’ classic rock vibe and The Hives driving power force, they naturally bring out the rock and roller in you. All members of the band are strong vocalists, switching the mic off to the next guy every other song, and their harmonizing, who needs back up singers when all members are lead vocalists! They go together like peanut butter and jam, a bit like Three Dog Night in that regard. Give their song ‘Friendship’ a double play and you’ll feel it too. Virtuoso's at their respected instruments, the boys strike and slash each chord and drums skin with determination and with a gritty look on their face. I think they make themselves a bit uncomfortable on purpose, mic stands too high or drums sticks just out of reach, keeping them on edge and laying more on the line.

Their latest album, titled Soirée, has the feeling of youthful release, it’s got that highway driving flavour, as well as the emotional constitution that all rock albums abide by. As song writers, they are top-notch. No song is forced, and every little detail is worked out, from rhythmic claps on the track Face Value, to the little angelic harmonized breaks in Uneasy. The album has a taste of revivalist, recorded with a dated overtone.

Be sure to stay tuned to their next release, they are claiming it will be called Tapas..mhmmm snacks!

Emily Sutherland