Roy's Bag

Roy’s Bag brings back a hot summer era, that vintage 60’s surf culture that we only only see in the pictures. High waisted bathing suits swinging from side to side, twisting knees and screaming fans. Roy’s Bag is the epitome of the free expressive spirit cresting on the shores of the northern west coast. Barreling in from Tofino, Alex Morrow (vocals and guitar), Sean Wanless (drums), and Nick Felice  (bass) set the groove with their classic surf rock vibe and psychedelic elements. They have that vintage pop sound of groups like The Hollies or The Beach Boys, but can also take the listener to the realm of juxtaposed surrealism.

Dipping and diving through frequency filters, Alex’s patient use of the wah pedal adds a psychedelic influence. Give their tune ‘Tortoise Song’ a listen and you’ll understand what I’m getting at. Over the course of multiple bars, he slowly accelerates his pedal, creating a massive sweeping effect. In conjunction with a fuzz pedal, Alex sends a guttural tsunami of gnar throughout the crowd, leaving the listener swimming in circles, lost and hypnotized.  Just before you have a chance to realize where the tune is going, it’s it stops on a dime, making you just want more.  His voice provides a second story to his playing. Calm and smooth, it rolls back and forth with his guitar. Nick provides high pitched harmonious back up vocals and together they create the sweet sweet nectar of the 60’s. But all praise can’t be given to the strings. Sean keeps the rudder steady through turbulent waters as Alex send the twang from the bridge pick up. Collectively as a unit they are as tight as speedo and as oiled up as a leather backed sun bather. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the post punk hype that has been growing on the island, but gosh darn it is refreshing to see a group that really brings down the house without having to play at 240 bpm. Their sound is is appealing to all audiences and is sure to make the crowd twist and shake.





Emily Sutherland