Mystery Lover


There is nothing more mystical and warming than the feeling of someone out there loving you, even more so if you don’t even know them. Getting their message across the room inconspicuously, butterflies explode from your innards, it’s romantic, exciting (maybe scary) to have a mystery lover. To be congruous with each other but never having actually met. If you haven’t had this feeling before, well now you just may be in luck. Local Victoria indie rock group Mystery Lover can fulfill your every desire. Mystery Lover explores the realm energized emotion. Pulling from pop emo sounds and embellished, lyrically driven anguish. Mystery Lover dives off the deep end, their relatively new existence within the Victoria music scene and has sent waves throughout the community. Booking show after show, Mystery Lover is engaging, relative and outspoken.

Mystery Lover is passion. Jonathan Amor (vocals and guitar) first starting writing down his ideas in 2016 and 2017 to what was suppose to be a solo project. Writing about his immediate environment and having ideas of grander, his writings began to collectively make up a series, this was soon to become the Oak Bay Deer Cult to Come concept. He was creating art that was symbolic, rather than contextual. But as his ideas started to take form, he realized it had to be bigger than a solo act and saw what was once an intimate acoustic track list, was morphing into ballads. Mystery Lover started to take shape, probably the same way the Justice League formed. He started making some new friends and made some phone calls to old ones.  Paul Shenton (guitar) and Jon met outside a bar one evening and they hit it off; he then approached Luke Bodi (drums) after seeing him perform with another group. *Crazy good drummer alert!*  Daniel Demers (synth) was recruited after Jon creeped some of his ambient work on the internet and reached out to him, and Rob Walsh (bass) plays in Jon’s roommate's band, and well, he needed a bass player. Jon explains in our interview that having the full band is really created Mystery Lover and it wasn’t just Jon’s project anymore. Luke's punk style drumming added a more emo vibe to the tracks and backed Jon’s belting vocals well. Paul’s flurry of chord progressions exchanged with Daniel’s cutting synth expressions and Rob’s charged bass notes built upon Jon’s original ideas- accepting them but decorating them as well. They realized their sound was becoming more dissonant and intense, but from this came a lot of passion and a lot more room to move around the original melody, often resulting in the epic ballads that Mystery Lover produces. The end result - stories within songs that that remind you of those late, hot summer nights, driving in your beat up car with the windows rolled down while nothing is awake.

We are still waiting anxiously for Mystery Lovers first release which is expected to drop sometime this fall as they are currently in the studio. However if you can’t wait that long be sure to catch them live at the Upstairs Cabaret in Victoria on March 9th . Of course you can watch them here at Chinatown Sessions!

Emily Sutherland