Our first intimate set in the 549 ½ Studio, Looelle brings sweet, soulful simplicity, singing stories of love lost and found. Niloo Farahzadeh plays the chords, Ellen Trottier on the cajon, but the hardware is really just to back up to their vocal capabilities. Dynamic in nature, their voices define their sound. Lullabies to soothe your aching heart, grooves to make you move your hips, Looelle sparks the flame for a refreshing new taste emerging out of Victoria’s music scene.Looelle is a fairly new group, with no previous recordings outside of The Chinatown Sessions.  Needless to say we are very proud to be the first to track some of their tunes!

Their soulful melodies stretch across the paths of artists like Tracy Chapman or Emily King, but also habit the same groove of indie RnB artists like Lianna La Havas.   Meeting each other through their previous partners, Ellen and Niloo started playing music together. After things started to go south with their respective mates, they decided to still be friends and keep playing together. See, every encounter has a purpose, even if it is lateral. Anyway, to me its seems like a perfect recipe to create some sad songs. Although simplicity is their design, Looelle’s essence originates from emotions that are relatable in our everyday lives. Heartbreaking, soul shaping experiences are transposed to create that warm blanket or pillow you favor when you are feeling that particular shade of blue.“The sun is out but your heart is so cold, burnt skin isn’t but a texture is all”.  Lyrics from their song the ‘Sun is Out’ sings the battle cry that we all have felt, it hurt but I’m going to be just fine.

We are excited to see how Looelle progresses in the future. After seeing them in the studio we discussed the possibility of the duet expanding to a full band. At this point it is not on their radar, but with their song writing capabilities and their talent, don’t be surprised if you hear “Looelle” thrown around the show circuit sooner rather than later.

Emily Sutherland