Grapefruit Is Impossible

Grapefruit is Impossible is like putting mango in salsa: the addition of that sweet flavour to a powerful spicy aroma is tantalizing. Fusing jazz, hip-hop, funk and RnB, this Victoria bred sextet brings fresh rhymes to your ear holes. With light-hearted rap melodies that untangles your hair, and juicy instrumentation that turns flat-earthers to, well, funky flat-earthers, Grapefruit is Impossible keeps the scurvy at bay with a healthy dose of 100% vitamin Fresh, no pulp.

We’re going to go ahead and split Grapefruit is Impossible into two parts, the Grapefruit, and the Impossible. The Grapefruit is Alexa Verstraten and Lucas Bell. Together they control the mic with a smooth, juicy vocal sensation. Versatile and creative, Lucas and Alexa know what it takes to get the crowd moving. The two spit that classic pacific northwest rap, belting out easy listening lyrics that range from grandmothers to, well... getting laid. It’s a fickle thing this rap game. Besides rhyming, the two own some fantastic voice boxes, providing chorus hooks and funky breakdowns with sultry vocal compositions. They feed off each other on stage and really own what they do with a confidence that could rival that of a grapefruit. If grapefruits are impossible, does that make them brave?

The impossible part of the group is most certainly the instrumentation. Consisting of Kyle Lowther (bass), Wes Carroll (guitar), Dakota Hoeppner (keyboard), and Greg Baan-Meiklejohn (drums), the boys spit the seeds of out that standard mundane fruitcake and turn it into a technical mish-mash of funk, jazz and RnB. These are the kind of kids that got A’s in your high school jazz and RnB class. As virtuoso’s in their respective fields, they slam down the funky grooves laden with all those 7 chords and obscure time signatures that makes you feel all funny and sexy-like inside. Greg takes a different role than his usual projects as the vocal front man for the group, The New Souls. Instead, he provides the beats and breaks, applying himself in a manner that projects the funk and soul grooves that keep him up at night. Wes also finds the time from performing his own amazing jazz compositions as the Wes Carroll Confabulation. Don’t mind me, I’m just plugging away here.

The electrical synchronicity between the four of them is absolutely pitting. I actually can’t say enough on how much these guys shred. Listen to their track Grandma’s House to get a taste of what they can really do. Favouring the unconventional, Grapefruit is Impossible is what Victoria needs more of. If you're looking for a fun-filled evening with great instrumentation and funky beats to move your feet to, this is the show for you. Be sure to catch them at The Rubber Boot Club here in Victoria on April 7th.

Emily Sutherland