Bridal Party

Are you tired of your same old mundane routine? Need something to spruce up your life a bit? Maybe you’re thinking of a New Years resolution? Me too, that’s why I started taking Bridal Party. A daily dose can significantly help reduce urges to eat your kitchen, paint your partner's teeth while they sleep, and shave designs into your own head. Basic human needs like taking a shower or doing laundry don’t seem so impossible anymore thanks to Bridal Party. Just pop in a tape and away you go! The glorious guitar melodies, mood setting beats, retro keyboard tones and soothing harmonies will make you laugh like a Teletubby. Yes, it's an all in one exclusive with the dream pop group, Bridal Party.

But in all seriousness, Bridal Party is really turning some heads. Susan Raudaschl (vocals and guitar), Joseph Leroux (guitar and vocals) Lee Gauthier (bass), Sean Kennedy (keyboard) and Adrian Heim (drums) come together to create your soulful, indie pop fantasy. Their latest ep, Negative Space, released in October 2017 is just fantastic. The recordings are on point, capturing the dreamy, crisp pop culture on the Island. It is nothing short of professional (well done Connor Head at Tugboat Studios). Their songs are just so creative and catchy, avoiding that film of cheese that can accumulate when boiling to the top.

A point of advice, go see these guys live. It’s scary how good they sound when seen in matching outfits. They cause the dance floor to declare a state of emergency due to flash floods of sweat, and Susan brings audiences to their knees with her wacky stage presence. But looking closer at their playing, talent drips from their fingers. Potent and compelling, their songs are carefully orchestrated by all members of the group. Driven in their need to be different, Bridal Party’s music is nothing but dynamic and calculated. Both Susan’s and Joe’s vocals are tight and complement each other well, like that perfect ring fit, and gosh I really like it when performers e-nun-ci-ate! Joe’s guitar playing is delicate and soothing, like caressing a baby faun. He can pluck jazzy chords all day long to the precise drumming of Adrian who knows how to set the mood, filling the cup right to the brim, never over the top. Along with Lee’s creative and deep bass licks (listen to Tokyo on Negative Space and pay particular attention to the outro of their song Salt Water) and Sean adding those sweet catchy hooks that brings it all together. There is really no member in Bridal party that outshines the rest. One hot tip for 2018, buy stocks in Bridal Party.


Emily Sutherland