Soul jarring and mind-expansive, Archaics bring back the revolutionary era of the 60’s. They create a dazzling spectacle of a genre that is almost archaic itself, the iconic psychedelic rock. But it’s not the same stuff your parents grew up on. With so many twists and turns, Archaics flourish in the realm of the unpredictable, creating a sound that is bewitching, exquisite, and foxy that delves deep into your mind and keeps your thoughts itching for more.

Consisting of Connor Snell (vocals and guitar), Josh Beatty (guitar and vocals), Andy Trant (drums), Peter Mason (bass) and Dylan Greenhough (Organ), Archaics have a persona that reflects the act they perform. That revivalist sound of theirs carries through to the instruments they play as well as style they represent. Pieces of musical relics hang around their necks, and is a key feature in producing their sound. Soft Focus, their latest album released in July of 2016, is something of pure beauty. The overall idea of the record is fabulous. It has flow and consistency from song to song and features a feeling of aloofness, an art lost between the generations. Horns are added on many tracks and the organ really brings it all together, fulfilling the psychedelic niche. The best about part about it is how weird and catchy it is. Their song, Impartial Magic Marshall is a four minute long mind trip. Little preludes to droning vocal harmonics, the song feels longer than it actually is, and they do a great job performing it live. Along with all the jarring rhythm guitars and tricky drums beats, Connor’s baritone vocals really add the final punch. Deep and rolling, he throws around his weight like a wrestler but dances and plays around the melody with a warbling thunder. It’s very calculated, and plain to see that their pieces are not just simple jams, it takes a lot of work to fit all those parts together, splendid.

As revivalists, such as groups like Wolfmother or Sheepdogs, Archaics work with a genre that pulls from influences from a dated legends, but I wouldn’t say they are copying anyone or any group. Sure they may recreate some ideas from previous popular artists, but guess what, every musician does this.

I am excited to see how Archaics progress in the future, until then, keep supporting your local artists!

Emily Sutherland