Teenage Wedding

You are daydreaming on the moon, losing sight of the world in its constant state of revelation. How did it all turn out this way? And does it really even matter? Chilling in your Sunday slacks and misinterpreted actions, an echo emerges from a window. The walls become translucent, and calling back at you is Victoria’s dream rock group, Teenage Wedding. Finally, an explanation. Bring forth unbridled lyrical expression and self observant déjà vu. Your days are still boring, but no longer meaningless. Teenage Wedding calls upon an existential view of a story better told through catchy riffs, soothing synth tones and off-kiltered vocals. Get ready for true assertion.

1. Wow Signal
2. Flesh Prism
3. Thank Heavens


Nick Joy - Guitar, Vocals
Dylan Joy - Bass
Hazen Price - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Teresa Khroner - Drums
Paul Jackson - Keys, Vocoder





Emily Sutherland