Poor Baby

Awh, “poor baby!” Is this a term of endearment? Or perhaps related to that of an infant's fiscal year? In either case the phrase protrudes condolences from a passerby-er or a creepy auntie. But should we really feel bad for the baby? For instance, Poor Baby, a garage rock octonary hailing from Vancouver, rocks the cradle like an earthquake blasting through the Earth's lithosphere. They shatter this notion of the ‘poor baby’ with catchy tunes and heavy post punk head jerkers. How could you possible feel bad for the talented, malleable young human?

 1. Wooden Spoon
 2. Dun Dun Dun
 3. Slow Burner


 Ryan Wagner - Vocals
 Tyler Mounteney - Lead Guitar
 Andrew Candela - Guitar, vocals
 Jeremiah Hayward - Bass
 Stephen Hardie - Drums
 Ryan Shimozawa - Drums

Emily Sutherland