Holy Hum

Feeling a little down? Maybe a bit transcendental? Well we have got just the ticket for your weeping eyes. Welcome to the world of Holy Hum. A transitional masterpiece, starring Andrew Lee, sets the stage for an emotionally arresting performance with the release of his latest album All my Bodies. With lengthy ambient ballads and vibrating vocals, Andrew has a way of creating so much space without drowning out the message behind each song, actualizing the vastness through his vocal delivery and vintage synth tones, he mimics the feeling of reaching the mountain top. Holy Hum is the birthing of a new era through loss and defeat.

 1. White Buzz
 2. Flower In The Snow
 3. All Of My Bodies

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Band Members:
 Andrew Yong Hoon Lee - Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers
 Aidan Knight - Guitar (Guest Feature)
 Kathryn Calder - Vocals (Guest Feature)





Emily Sutherland