Grapefruit Is Impossible

Grapefruit is Impossible is like putting mango in salsa: the addition of that sweet flavour to a powerful spicy aroma is tantalizing. Fusing jazz, hip-hop, funk and RnB, this Victoria bred sextet brings fresh rhymes to your ear holes. With light-hearted rap melodies that untangles your hair, and juicy instrumentation that turns flat-earthers to, well, funky flat-earthers, Grapefruit is Impossible keeps the scurvy at bay with a healthy dose of 100% vitamin Fresh, no pulp.

1. D'Angelo's Cousin
2. Ocean's Inspired
3. Fap Fap Fap

Greg Baan-Meiklejohn - Drums
Dakota Hoeppner - Keys
Kyle Lowther - Bass
Wes Carroll - Guitar, Vocals
Alexa Verstraten - Vocals
Lucas Bell - Vocals


Emily Sutherland