Candela Farm

Though the 'new age' movement might have done its best to sour us to the term genre defying, some groups are keeping the flame lit and proving that borrowing elements from a diverse set of influences can be done with style and taste. Seamlessly blending cinematic western sounds, lovesick rock and garage-pop, Candela Farm will always keep you on your toes.

Andrew Candela - Guitar, Vox
Barry Higginson - Bass
Ryan Shiwozawa - Drums
Mark Badd - Guitar

Director - Sandy Rossignol
Audio Engineering - Evan & Jess Matthiesen (Bigfoot Sound)
Producer - Daniel Taggart-Hodge
Communications / Booking Agent - Emily Sutherland
Camera Operator - Alex Kaliki
Writer - Ben Arscot
Animator - Sadie Marfisi

Emily Sutherland