The Prettys

With the world spinning into political turmoil, savage environmental conditions being reported far and wide, and just the overall absurdity of everything on the internet, it’s hard to figure out what to believe anymore. How do we choose what’s right? Who can we trust? How am I going to pay for my lunch? The answer to those questions is simple: some good ol’ fashion rock and roll! Time to dig out the dad rock sweater and brush up on your power slide, because we’re going all in with some of Vancouver’s finest, The Pretty’s.

 1. Katya The Kat Killer
 2. Nothings WronG
 3. Mystery Foam

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 Cody Aadrusko - Guitar, Vocals
 Pierce Kingan - Bass, Vocals
 Josh Gatien - Guitar, Vocals
 Ian Browne - Drums, Vocals

Emily Sutherland