Bad Hoo

Ferocious, wild, unhinged, if someone could just discover a way to use rock and roll as an energy source, Bad Hoo’s name would be stamped on every lamp, television, and whatever other appliances that takes D batteries. To give you a better understanding of what the Bad Hoo can do to your ears, just picture yourself in a fit of roommate fury, throwing old vacuum cleaners off the back porch, it’s the kind of music playing in your head at that time. Raging, but having fun fun fun! Bad Hoo spews out foundation trembling tunes, smearing the walls with garage distortion and psychedelic solos and breaks. Their imprint on Victoria’s music scene is explicable through their high energy and savage desert tones; and they are pretty nice guys as well! Go ahead and get lost in the world the Bad Hoo.

 1. Confuse Bouche
 2. Talk Talk Talk
 3. Banana Splat


 David Oswald - Guitar, Vocals
 Todd Newton - Guitar
 Ben Ferrel - Bass
 Mat Clarke - Drums

Emily Sutherland