Tobias Young

In a genre that seems always to be getting more and more quantized, polished, and packaged, Tobias Young’s brand of retro soul is a refreshing reminder that all you really need to make great music is a tight band and sweet songs. His dulcet voice almost makes you long for the sort of heartbreak that calls for listening to music like this on repeat, but whatever the state of your romantic life, Tobias’ music will make you feel pleasantly melancholy.

Elijah Schultz - Keys, Vox
Jen Severtson - Bass, Vox
Joseph Leroux - Guitar
Layten Kraymer - Drums

Director - Sandy Rossignol
Audio Engineering - Evan & Jess Matthiesen (Bigfoot Sound)
Producer - Daniel Taggart-Hodge
Communications / Booking Agent - Emily Sutherland
Camera Operator - Alex Kaliki
Writer - Ben Arscot
Animator - Sadie Marfisi

Emily Sutherland